Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Meet the Monkeys

Love is in the Air

Making Mischief

Hanging Out

Meet Ruth

Ruth is from Cleveland. She is a teacher and enjoys the performing arts. She will retire in June and plans on going into business. She will sell painted seashell ashtrays that she creates.

Meet Sharonda

Sharonda is the first woman news anchor of great sock monkey stature. She is very humble, yet brilliant. She graduated first in her class at the Sock Monkey Institute of Higher Education.

Meet Fiona

This is Fiona. Fiona is from Ireland. She likes pistachio ice cream with chocolate sauce. She has 12 cats and one beta fish.

Meet Latoya

Latoya is a social activist. Currently she raises money and awareness for breast cancer research and she has been conducting some clinical trials which are very promising. She graduated from John's Hopkins second in her class.

Meet Sharonda Louise

Sharonda Louise is a fashion consultant for the Dixie Chicks. She tries to blend rock and roll with country for a blended theme. She made the outfit she is wearing and is designing a paper mache gown for an awards ceremony.

Meet Tornorah

Tornorah is a Gospel Singer and if you give her a glass of lemonade and a microphone she will set the place on fire. She has been singing for 60 years and received the gift from her grandmother-may God rest her soul.

Meet Gumby

Gumby is very flexible. He is a gymnast and performs in Cirque de Soleil. He believes himself to be fortunate because he is able to travel and meet many interesting people.

Meet Tobias

This is Tobias and he loves to sail. He charters trips and feels that he is blessed each day that he is at sea. He meets lots of interesting people and sees much sea life when he snorkels. He is a vegan which can be a problem when he is at sea.

Meet Buffy

Buffy graduated from Norwalk Community College. Her mother and father are hippies which has allowed her to travel to many places. But most of all, she loves the USA.

Meet Maureen

This is Maureen and she is very quiet. She can't tell you too much about herself because people will talk, but she is a hard worker and very independent. She loves to shop on the internet and loves to cook.

Meet Paul

Paul is a Paleontologist. He has been passionate about paleontology since he was 3 years old. He enjoys life, love, and music and hopes to make major contributions to mankind in his life.